Newsreader’s fashion fail leaves viewers cringing as blouse creates unfortunate optical illusion


Ros set on a blouse that is good to really go to work, but certainly did not see the ill-fated appearance before she went on screen, it created.
After a somewhat ill-fated optical illusion was created by a newsreader’s blouse Australians today, catching a little lunchtime news might have spat out their sandwiches.

But whoever picked out the garment for her to wear was likely left a little red faced after observers pointed out it seemed like Ros had animation breasts, totally diverting from the news that was serious she was reporting on.

If you did not see it at first, that is likely all you can see now…
“Or maybe, to the naked eye, the top is in fact a fine and exceptionally stylish garment, as well as the contrast of the studio cameras is only playing tricks on our delicate eyesight.

“Or, perhaps one of the control room producers simply determined to have some fun together with the black marker.”

We are thinking she will be double checking her kit in the mirror before she heads dwell on air next time…