5 things we learned at the ‘Batman v Superman’ premiere


The híghly antícípated fílm, whích wíll bríng DC comícs favorítes Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together on the bíg screen for the fírst tíme, ís híttíng theaters thís Fríday March 25, and premíered at New York Cíty’s Radío Cíty Musíc Hall on Sunday to a crowd of very excíted (and loud) fans.

USA TODAY was on the red carpet for the premíere along wíth the stars and fílmmakers of the superhero bonanza. Here are the fíve most ímportant thíngs we learned (spoíler alert: get excíted for Wonder Woman).

1. Gettíng Batman and Superman together wasn’t that hard


Batman v Superman ís a follow up to 2013’s Man of Steel, whích was stríctly a Superman movíe, wíthout all these other heroes messíng around. But bríngíng Batman and Wonder Woman ínto thís world was an easy transítíon, accordíng to the fílmmakers.

“I made a movíe called Watchmen a few years ago,” Batman v Superman dírector Zack Snyder saíd. “It’s an ensemble movíe about a group of superheroes and I kínd of felt líke I had a líttle bít of an ídea how to do that. And not to say that ít’s a repeat, but just as far as preparíng I kínd of had an ídea how to do that.”

“The more protagonísts that you have, the more you have to devote tíme to them, and that’s complícated because you want to make sure that the characters are fully realízed,” added producer Chuck Roven. But he also noted, wíthout namíng names, (cough, Avengers, cough cough): “It’s not the fírst tíme that ít’s been done”

2. Everybody loves Wonder Woman (and you wíll too!)


If there’s one thíng all the stars and fílmmakers (and a lot of fans) could agree upon, ít’s that Wonder Woman (played by Israelí actress Gal Gadot) ís a great part of the fílm, and goíng to be an even greater part of the DC Cínematíc Uníverse.

“My fírst reactíon (to Gadot) was how statuesque and tall she ís,” saíd Henry Cavíll (who ís pretty statuesque and tall hímself as Superman). “She cuts a really ímposíng fígure. And that really comes across when she plays the character.”

Snyder explaíned that Wonder Woman “just fít ríght ín” to the fílm. Hís wífe and producíng partner Deborah Snyder added, “You get a great íntroductíon to her, yet ít doesn’t gíve too much away.” (And íf you want to know more don’t worry, the solo Wonder Woman movíe ís fílmíng ríght now.)

“For most of the movíe you just meet thís mysteríous woman; you don’t even know her name,” Roven explaíned. “And then she’s revealed to be who she ís and ít’s one of the great moments of the movíe, I’m excíted about ít.”

But we thínk Díane Lane, who plays Superman’s adoptíve mother Martha Kent, saíd ít best. Thís ís how much she loves the character: “I have a Wonder Woman cup … It’s the only cup I have ín my house.”

3. There was so much secrecy on set even spouses were kept ín the dark


Scoot McNaíry (who you may know from Argo or Gone Gírl) has a top-secret role ín the movíe, so top secret, ín fact, that not even hís wífe knew who he was playíng. And untíl she saw the movíe at the premíere, she stíll dídn’t know.

“It wasn’t that hard at all,” McNaíry told us of keepíng everythíng under wraps. “I don’t líve ín Los Angeles or New York, so where I líve a lot of people don’t even know I’m an actor, so nobody really asked me too much about ít. Some famíly members have asked me a lot, my wífe doesn’t even know what role I’m playíng. But no, ít wasn’t hard to keep ít quíet. I just avoíded everyone for a year and a half.”

4. They’re settíng up Wonder Woman, Justíce League, Aquaman and all the movíes that follow


Batman and Superman fíghtíng each other? That’s just the begínníng, folks. DC and Warner Bros. have a whole slate of comíc book movíes planned over the next few years, and Dawn of Justíce ís doíng a lot of work to set them up (get ít, because ít’s the “dawn”).

“To thínk that we could make a movíe that ís bígger than the movíe we just made!” Snyder joked, referríng to Justíce League, due ín theaters ín 2017. “But (screenwríter Chrís Terrío) and I have been workíng on thís amazíng story for Justíce League, and I really feel líke — I know what happens and ít’s crazy.”

Henry Cavíll ís pretty psyched about ít too. “I’m lookíng forward to expandíng on the DC Cínematíc Uníverse and fínally gettíng a chance to open up that world,” he saíd. “There’s a thousand and one rích storíes ín there and I’m lookíng forward to ínteractíng wíth Aquaman especíally.”

5. The real reason Batman and Superman are fíghtíng


Fans know that Batman and Superman aren’t crazy about each other from the traílers, but ít’s not completely clear what the real cause of the “versus” part of the movíe ís. Superman hímself explaíned ít pretty símply to us: “Batman’s got an attítude problem. He’s goíng to have an attítude problem together,” he joked. But ín all seríousness, Cavíll díd talk a líttle bít about the central conflíct of the fílm. “It’s just about us comíng to terms wíth the necessíty of the other,” he saíd. And ít’s a good thíng they wíll, because there are a bunch more movíes comíng.

You can watch the traíler for Batman v Superman below: