Obnoxious train passenger filmed being dealt with in the most brutal and unexpected way possible


WARNING. Violent content. This obnoxious young man will not be eating seeds on the tube soon, after receiving his comeuppance that is totally dreamlike and savage.
This video takes some beating, in the event you ever needed a rationale regarding the reason why you should not offend your fellow tube passengers.

Despite several polite requests from individuals sharing the buggy with him, the guy tells each of them repeatedly to “f*** away”.

Viral video enthusiasts might fairly anticipate something unexpected to occur now.
Possibly the guy with glasses delivers an unforeseen roundhouse kick, or a withering insult?

In the most surprising of developments, a guy dressed in samurai armour that is golden appears from clubs and nowhere the petulant child with a tiny sledgehammer.

The youth immediately crumbles to the ground as his attacker implores him to “keep mastication” while striking repeatedly in the head and torso together with the hammer.

One commuter inquires he hammer-wielding attacker: “What are you currently doing?”

The attacker yells back: “You can not eat on the metro!”


The eccentric confrontation apparently happened in Xian, China on a train.

Given the somewhat amazing turn of events, it is unclear whether the strike was really staged as some sort of societal or prank experiment.

The blood, however, seems quite real.

Although the youth is seen cleaning up the blood and getting to his feet himself, dazed but apparently not seriously injured.