Builder is filmed getting his own back on boss after ‘he didn’t get paid on time’


After he unleashed his fury on a building site, the remaining portion of the web did not seem to be overly impressed with the guy’s strategies.
After he apparently did not get paid on time, a construction worker has got his own back on his manager in a fairly extreme manner.

It reveals a contractor utilizing the power tool to slice through several wooden frameworks that seem to be holding up a building and the cuts away.

The caption:

It’s thought that his supervisor had not paid punctually the construction worker, prompting him to supposedly ruin a building site he was working on as an action of vengeance.
The clip subsequently reveals another contractor performing the same action.


The clip has been viewed more than 981,000 times. after being shared on March 19

But not everyone on Facebook was impressed with the guy’s strategies.

One observer wrote:
Another included: “He did this for not getting paid punctually??? I’d be well and truly out of business, if I took that approach with my customers. Folks believe it is easy paying everyone on time and being the manager. Well it is not simple in any way.”