Can you parallel park as well as this DOG? Motoring mutt nails tricky manoeuvre in busy high street


The intelligent canine seems to perform the manoeuvre without human support or any problems, despite a crowd gathering to observe the pooch drive.
A dog has set other road users to shame after seemingly do the parallel park that is perfect at the center of a busy high street.


Several pedestrians that were flummoxed got out their mobiles to record the minute that was weird, while others peered in the car windows trying to find a human helper.

But Gerty refused to crumble below the pressure, sitting sedately in the front seat as the auto slotted into the opening.
The barking crazy manoeuvre was performed on Wimbledon High Street in London.
The odd video was uploaded to YouTube on March 21 by Vauxhall and has really been seen several hundred times in the last 24 hours.