Rat filmed scurrying round restaurant in viral video- but boss claims it’s a set up

funny rat close-up isolated on white background

44, owner Mohammed Akram, said customers who needed to damage his company planted on his premises the rodent.
When a rat was filmed scurrying round his eatery maintains he was set up a takeaway leader shamed.


A video circulating extensively on social networking shows the rat in John William Street, inside Kebabish, an Indian restaurant and takeaway, in Huddersfield.

44, owner Mohammed Akram, told the Huddersfield Examiner customers who needed to damage his company planted on his premises the rodent.

He said:
“Over the past five or six months we’ve had issues with them. They demand food and come in but refuse to pay and abuse the staff. Windows of our place they’ve smashed too.

Was when we saw the footage on social networking.

“We’ve not ever had an issue with rodents or any kind of infestation in the past five or six years we’ve been trading so it’s an entire shock.”
He included: “If there clearly was a difficulty they’d have shut us down.”
Mr Akram said he’d reported the yobs to authorities and included: “These folks have caused us so much distress as well as place our reputation at stake. We’ve done nothing wrong.

“We reported the damage done to our windows to authorities when it occurred but no one was captured. I’ve needed to pay for that damage from my own personal pocket.”

There was no signs of infestation or any rodent action in the premises and thus there was no danger to well-being identified.

“The assumptions were found to be clean and well managed and had sufficient controls to handle pests in place.”