‘Pizza Rat’ is back! But this time the cheeky rodent has been caught stealing food from ‘mum’ in bed

OK, so it is not the identical New York Subway rat – but this starving pet made sure he got his paws on a piece.
And certainly, Piper was wasting no time, as the footage reveals the rat instantly snaffling a piece and sneaking to the face of the pizza box.


Piper, who lives with his owner, in Gosport in South Hampshire, then hauls the pizza all the way up to the very top of the bed before tucking into his purloined bite and settling down on a pillow.


The uproarious video was uploaded to YouTube and has really been seen more than 1,000 times.
After he was filmed taking a huge piece down a flight of stairs the authentic New York Subway pizza rat shot to fame back in September 2015.
Since then several other creatures have tried to snitch Pizza Rat’s limelight, including a few a Bagel Pigeon as well as Milkshake Squirrels.