Watch moment shirtless drunk man getting taken down by train passenger dubbed ‘Viking Guy’ in viral video


As he’s about to strike on a young lad, Adrian Kaczmarek, dubbed ‘Viking Guy’, swoops in behind the guy using a headlock.
A shirtless intoxicated guy who was supposedly tormenting passengers on a metro train was filmed being taken down by a guy called ‘Viking Guy’ in a video that’s gone viral.

Passenger Adrian Kaczmarek decided enough was enough when he believed the guy was about to strike on swoops and someone in behind him with a headlock.

Before putting his foot in addition to him, then he chokes him to unconsciousness on the ground of the train.

Authorities later confirmed the man had been drinking and was below the effect of a controlled substance.


He was detained for being drunk and disorderly.

When he worried for the safety of other passengers, Kaczmarek told NBC Los Angeles he’d resorted to the r ear nude choke hold.

“I was more worried about my security as well as the folks on the train security. I was not certain if he had a firearm or if he’d a knife.

“I eventually saw it escalating to the stage where he was becoming physical and folks are getting pushed around. The entire thing is going to burst.

The video of the event was uploaded to YouTube over the weekend , and it has gone viral with more than 1.4million views.

Commentators have expressed their satisfaction together with the smooth means the troublemaker is coped with.

One wrote: “That men foot was like Thor’s hammer. Can not be proceeded lol.’

Another included: “Trendy, now clone him 500 million times and perhaps we can save western civilization.”

Another spoke for all of the women when she said: He is adorable!