Man pranks girlfriend with simple maths riddle that leaves her baffled – can you solve it?


Would you fall for the exact same trick as this girl does in this excruciating yet humorous clip?
YouTube user xmintyx filmed the exchange, which happened during a chat that was bedtime.

Lying under the duvet, the couple argue over the right solution to an ages-old riddle: “A big brother is four years of age.

See in case you fall into the exact same reasoning trick as the girlfriend before you reply.
She’s totally convinced that given the little brother is “half the age” of the big brother, the solution must be 50.
“How is it not 50?” she begs with her boyfriend, after he repeatedly tells her it is the incorrect response.


“So when the big brother is 100 he is definitely going to be half 100 which is 50!”.

Like all riddles, the trick is in the wording of the inquiry.
By focusing on the truth that the brother is “half the age” of his sib, she neglects to pick up on the reality that he in in fact only two years younger.

So when the boyfriend clarifies that the smaller brother will actually be 98 when the big brother is 100, it will take some time for the penny to drop.

“I believe you have got this wrong,” she says, before ultimately laughing: “Oh I get it!”