New tattoo trend for blackout paint sees skin inked in large dark patches


The artwork of the tattoo has moved on from complex designs or mottos, as individuals are colouring themselves in with black long-term markings.
Tats have existed for a lot of centuries, but the new craze is not for mottos or the complex designs we might be used to – it is for body art that was BLACKOUT.

The body modification was shared broadly online, after seeing that of others, with many being inspired to get their particular blackout art.


Herself has thrown into the tendency, sharing pictures online.
The Singapore native used the technique to cover other tats up, but her torso and right arm are tattooed totally black.
She posted the aforementioned picture of a scalloped ‘neckline’ as well as a rose on her hand done by Chester at Oracle Tat in Singapore.
On the subject of blacking out her other arm, she says she will not: “I ‘m happy with the way my tats appear now!’
Chester has also showcased total leg and solid black leg tattoos and arm pieces.