Woman hailed ‘guardian angel’ after helping ‘very drunk’ teen clubber with one shoe get home


Samantha Smith was on her way when she stumbled across the intoxicated teenager in the rain with no jacket to work in Liverpool city centre at 6am.

A female who helped a’ drunk’ teen clubber with a single shoe get house was hailed a guardian angel.

Ms Smith said the teen had his telephone on the ground, which had run out of battery, so she could not telephone a friend or the Liverpool Echo reports.

Composing on Facebook , Samantha said: “I helped him call the buddy he said he was outside with but unfortunately it was switched off.

So I paid the taxi driver to take him home, I did not need to go through his pockets.


“He just told me he lived in West Derby.”
Samantha said she requested this morning if anyone’s son had come home with no shoe, and has been worrying about whether he’s secure.
She said he was wearing a navy t shirt, jeans and white and black running shoes, while he’d a postage from club Degree on his hand.

Her place has since been shared more than 330 times, and fellow Facebook users have been commending her as an “awesome woman” and a “guardian angel”.

Tressa McKay wrote: We want more of this looking out for each other particularly children.
Sabina Muldoon wrote: What a great individual to spend the time. He’s extremely lucky you came along.”

Lili Johnson, another, said: “Well done to you what a kind gesture including all of the misery in this world it restores your faith that there are a few wonderful folks out there.”