‘Empire’ Season 2, Episode 11: Hakeem Rises


It is been a long inlet, but “Empire” is eventually back to collect the bits of all lives the remarkable midseason ending shattered.

Rhonda’s anguish would be the essential disaster of any other show, but for “Empire,” a whirl of high stakes and desperate measures, it is one of several subplots.

We immediately learn that Hakeem does not have a strategy beyond straightforward payback against his dad for meddling in his work and love lives. It is possible he is made more enemies than he can manage.

The most endearing characteristic of the Lyon family has been when a danger to the support of the family business presents itself, everyone huddles together. However, now the danger is from within, we see the lust for power runs deeper than blood.

A string of dizzying storyline discussions land Cookie’s rogue startup, Lyon Dynasty, back below the Empire umbrella, together with the matriarch as head of Hakeem and A&R as chief executive of Empire appropriate. Having said that, the caution about bringing Cookie back in the fold of Camilla was the one touch of sound business guidance of this episode.

The truth that Hakeem eventually discovers is a cruel turn he is had coming for ages and love simply to endure for it in private. We have saw him bulldoze several women’s lives without many results, so there is almost no empathy for the anxiety he feels in selecting between Laura and Camilla. Let us trust Camilla will not turn into the one dimensional representative of retribution Anika became throughout the first half of the season.

Talking of Anika, was Rhonda pushed by her down the staircase? She’s quite chilly for showing up at the hospital later to ask about the infant, if she did. No matter the case, Anika is the mom of the kid of the CEO of Empire, and that fact is bound to get some unforeseen effects. Is Hakeem sharp enough to keep the power he simply snatched or will his reign be brilliant and short like Joffrey from “Game of Thrones?”

– Jamal singing “Hefty” as background music for the scene in which Rhonda loses her infant was extreme even for this particular show. Having said that, Andre and Rhonda haven’t unlikable at all this season and if there is anything rewarding to be gleaned from this disaster that was arbitrary, it will be the heat of their bond. Here’s hoping the air does not push back Andre over the edge.

– It turned out to be a devilish touch to match slain pets Lucious’s somber piano ballad using a montage of bursting automobiles and broken ribs. Theatrical payback is the not too secret strong suit of Empire.

– Jamal’s tune about the independence to sleep with whomever he enjoys proves “Empire” can be sharp on sexuality when it needs. It is tough to consider the past time a television show cared enough to describe the finer points of sexual fluidity to a national audience.
– Laura’s NPR Miniature Desk Concert was hilarious as the concept of the NPR video show is for the musician to perform acoustically, but here was the vocalist — sans her group, who are long overdue for a break up — belting out a melody to an active, undetectable backing track. This really isn’t the very first time when Laura began to sing that music has manifested itself.