This Lion Looks Ferocious But He Refuses To Drop His Blankie For The Cutest Reason

When you think of an animal shelter, you probably envision a location where saved dogs and cats stay until some kind soul takes it upon themselves to adopt them.
Most of our country’s shelters are just like that, however there are also organizations that house more…exotic animals. After all, dogs and cats aren’t the only ones who need someplace to stay and rehabilitate after years of abuse and negligence.

That’s where areas like In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center.

Lambert was purchased by a family in Texas who wanted to give their children him. Why? Well, because they liked “The Lion King,” of course.


After recognizing that having a LION in their house was a poor notion, the family called numerous refuges to take him off their hands.


Due to the new environment, Lambert suffered high rates of suffering and tension. One In- Sync Vicky Keahey, worker, understood this and decided to give him a blanket. He fell right asleep and shortly crawled up on the blanket.


Ever since that day, Lambert does not go anywhere without his blanket. He adores being curled up with it, specially when it is fresh out of the dryer.



It’s been two years and Lambert is a grown, adult lion…however he still sleeps with his blanket each night.


Aww look just how much of a cutie pie he is!


Happily, now he is living a healthy, happy life with no worry in the world…except for maybe dirtying his blankie.