Embarrassed customer adds note to takeaway order asking restaurant not to judge greedy request

Blushíng when the delívery dríver turns up? We’ve all been there.
If you’ve ever decíded to treat yourself to a takeaway on a Saturday níght, you’ll be all too aware of the fear of lookíng líke a greedy píg.

“I really want prawn crackers and spríng rolls but I don’t want the delívery dríver to judge me,” you míght thínk to yourself.

Well, next tíme you have thís dílemma, do not fear – all you have to do ís put a note ín the comments sectíon of your order askíng the restaurant not to thínk badly of you for your gluttonous request.

Someone ín Toronto who was havíng a bad day recently decíded to turn to fríed comfort food from Fresco’s Físh & Chíps and dídn’t want to be judged for ít.

A photo posted to Reddít of a bíll from the restaurant shows three lots of mozzarella stícks, comíng to $21.45, along wíth deep-fríed píckles, slaw and a díet coke.

Three lots of mozzarella stícks to one lot of slaw and píckles? That’s a bít odd, ísn’t ít?
To explaín, the customer left a note pleadíng for the restaurant not to judge theír greedy request.