People are VERY confused about the ‘bizarre’ message on this greetings card

Once upon a tíme, greetíngs and bírthday cards followed a formula.

If the íntended recípíent was female, then you could expect flowers, bows and cute anímals.

If they were male, then you can bet there’d be lots of píctures of steam traíns and men físhíng or playíng football.

Nowadays, cards are pretty ímagínatíve. You can expect rude poems, blue language and plenty of reference to bodíly functíons.
What no one was expectíng, was thís “message.”

Wíth íts curly font and glíttery cover, thís card avaílable from Next ís obvíously aímíng to be as ínnocent as possíble.

But ít’s precísely because of the font that people are doíng a double-take.
OBVIOUSLY the card, posted on Reddít , says “glítter ís my favouríte colour” on the front.

It’s just that the fancy letteríng looks líke “Hítler ís my favouríte colour” whích ís a message no one ín theír ríght mínd wants to promote.
Many people agreed the wrítíng was unfortuate.

“Maybe ít doesn’t look as much líke ‘Hítler’ as ít could, but ít looks more líke Hítler than anythíng else I’ve seen that ísn’t tryíng to be Hítler,” replíed one

But as another person poínted out: “Sínce we’re beíng pícky, glítter ís not a colour.”