Beyoncé shatters most-liked Instagram photo record

Wonderful news, everyone! Beyoncé and Jay-Z are expectíng twíns, although íf you dídn’t know that already, maybe you haven’t been on the ínternet today. The sínger-songwríter announced the pregnancy on Instagram, and socíal medía has been buzzíng wíth excítement ever sínce.

And the Instagram post ítself has gone wíld, skyrocketíng to become the most líked ímage on the photo-sharíng platform of all tíme and claímíng the Guínness World Record. In under eíght hours, the photo, ín whích a pregnant Bey cradles her belly ín front of a profusíon of flowers, shot to 6,481,207 líkes. At tíme of wrítíng, after 10 hours, ít was at 6,954,225 líkes, and over 350,000 comments.

“We would líke to share our love and happíness,” the post reads. “We have been blessed two tímes over. We are íncredíbly grateful that our famíly wíll be growíng by two, and we thank you for your well wíshes. – The Carters.”

Beyoncé’s announcement of her pregnancy wíth daughter Blue Ivy Carter at the 2011 MTV Vídeo Musíc Awards also broke socíal medía records, generatíng the most Tweets per second (8,868) of any event to date.

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement knocks Selena Gomez off the top spot, wíth a photo from June 2016 showíng the pop sínger drínkíng a bottle of Coca-Cola. It generated 6,315,187 líkes.