All of us understand by now that pop is among the very wicked things you’ll be able to put within your body. The high fructose corn syrup the foul substances as well as a multitude of health problems brought on by this carbonated cocktail idolized by those that do not care about body or their health.

I understand that you really do care about your wellbeing as well as the look of your body.

Astonishingly, a lot of people falsely believe that “diet” pop is in some way a great thing for losing body fat. Actually, I hear people constantly proudly say that they “eat so wholesome and just drink diet pop”. So let us set the record straight…

There’s NOTHING even remotely wholesome about drinking diet pop. The truth is, I Have even found several studies that demonstrated their standard pop drinking counterparts got not FATTER than committed diet soda drinkers.

Okay, as if we did not already understand how awful routine pop was now, and for us they are showing us studies that diet pop makes us fatter than the things that is bad!

There is lots of complicating factors regarding why this happens…

One reason is the fact that the artificial sweeteners in diet pops produce a negative hormonal response after have the diet beverage within the body that raises fat storing hormone creation and raises cravings for more sweets and refined carbs in the period of time.

I have been reading more studies recently on the effects of artificial sweeteners and one thing that seems clear is that it is not advisable to attempt to “trick” your body. Basically you “trick” your body by drinking something really sweet, but you do not really ingest the sugar calories your body anticipates.

Your body has difficulty understanding the best way to deal with that.

As you know, cravings can raise in addition to activating your body to deposit body fat. This really isn’t to say it is any better to drink a sugar-sweetened pop which has it’s own host of difficulties.

Another reason for weight gain from drinking diet beverages is that individuals may subconsciously believe that since they’re drinking a diet pop, that gives them much more leeway to eat more of everything else, thus have more calories total.

The cause for weight gain from diet beverages may really be some mix of both of these explanations above.

I have said this all along, but the main point is that if you are serious about your well-being and body, pop of any sort (and artificial sweeteners in anything for that matter!) ought to be prevented in any way times, except for very infrequent occasions when you can not prevent them.

So what’s a great option to diet sodas?

The best alternatives are good old water with lemon or unsweetened iced teas…

Brown soda in a clear glass against a white background; Shutterstock ID 80164171; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone

Brown soda in a clear glass against a white background; Shutterstock ID 80164171; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone

Plus you will get a more varied variety of antioxidants.