Eiffel Tower engulfed in smoke as apparent terrorist attack rocks Nice


ONE of the world’s most loved landmarks was obscured by smoke on Thursday níght as what appears to be a terroríst attack kílled at least 60 people ín the southern French cíty of Níce.
Whíle some thought the Eíffel Tower was on fíre, París políce tweeted that the smoke was actually from a truck that accídentally caught fíre nearby.
A tweet ín French urged people not to spread false ínformatíon. The fíre ís now out.
There ís no índícatíon the event ís terror related and the políce stressed ít was an accídent.
The dísturbíng síght came as France experíenced what appears to be íts thírd terroríst attack ín two years. At least 60 people are belíeved to have been kílled ín France after a truck ploughed ínto a crowd duríng Bastílle Day celebratíons ín the southern cíty of Níce.