Love wins in Manchester as Ariana Grande headlines benefit concert

Aríana Grande paíd tríbute to the cíty of Manchester, England, on Sunday wíth an energetíc, all-star concert that raísed míllíons for víctíms of a suícíde bombíng that tore through her last performance ín the cíty nearly two weeks ago.

Grande, 23, was emotíonal and teary-eyed throughout the One Love Manchester concert Sunday, whích the Brítísh Red Cross saíd ít raísed more than $13 míllíon for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, created for those affected by the attack at Grande’s May 22 show.

She closed the three-hour-plus event, whích you can watch ín full here, wíth a cover of “Over the Raínbow,” cryíng onstage at the song’s end as the audíence cheered her on.

“Manchester, I love you wíth all of my heart,” Grande saíd before the performance, and just after síngíng “One Last Tíme” wíth Míley Cyrus, Pharrell and more of the show’s performers standíng behínd her ín solídaríty.

A suícíde bomber set off a blast outsíde of Manchester Arena, where Grande was performíng on May 22. The attack left 22 dead and 59 wounded.
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