To Keep Your Old Kindle Alive, Update Its Software By Tomorrow


In case you purchased your Amazon Kindle some time between 2007 to 2012, ensure that you upgrade its applications by Tuesday or risk losing access to your ebooks, based on Amazon.

Owners of these old Kindles and/or Kindles which hasn’t yet been connected to the World Wide Web since October 5, 2015 should upgrade the applications for the popular e-book reader. The brand new software update will let old Kindles to continue get the Kindle Store and to download Kindle publications from the cloud.

Kindle Fire tablet computers aren’t recorded in the apparatus which must be upgraded, based on Amazon’s customer service page.
The upgrade will soon be accessible in the “Sync and Check for Items” section of the Menus and just require a wifi connection to automatically upgrade the reader.

For people who miss the all important deadline, their Kindles will now read this following message: “Your Kindle is not able to join at this time. That means Kindle users WOn’t have the ability to get their preserved ebooks and other services they relied on for a long time.

But happily, missing the deadline will not mean the departure of the Kindle. People who make an effort to upgrade after Tuesday will have to take the long path in installing the most recent software update.

Amazon customer representatives have been helping individuals since March 6 to get the upgrade on track. The organization also sent its Kindle customers an e-mail, warning them of the upgrade. Their frustrations were expressed by many customers for the technological mandate at Amazon. Never mind–I believe I Will go read a novel,” wrote one user.