What They’re Wearing: This Fashion Director Favors Mid-Heels and Color in Winter

What They’re Wearing

Marina Larroude at the Rodarte fall 2016 show.


February 17, 2016

Name Marina Larroude

Age 36

Profession Fashion director of Teen Vogue magazine.

Provenance São Paulo, Brazil, but she has lived in Manhattan 13 years.

Show Rodarte. “The girls bring an excitement and something edgy and cool to New York Fashion Week that you don’t see much of here,” she said. “If I could afford it, I would buy it all.”

Outfit “I’m wearing an A.L.C. skirt, A.P.C. sweater and a Nina Ricci jacket. The jacket I got from the last collection. I just needed a very nice, simple navy coat, and I invested in something I could wear forever. Everything I’m wearing is pretty classic, but then I like to add something fun. The skirt is the statement piece. Also, I’m Brazilian, so I like to wear color. I can’t wear all black all winter. I’ve honestly tried, but only for a day or two.

“My shoes are black, though. They’re Nicholas Kirkwood, and they’re a mid-heel. It’s like 12 shows a day, and I just can’t do the high-high heels anymore. The bag is black and also Nina Ricci. This was from when Peter Copping was still there. It’s maybe five years old. I’ve always liked Nina Ricci. When Peter was there, I gravitated toward the feminine prints. And with this season, I fell in love with the boxy shape of the coats.”